Concordia Invtiational (Contest Results)

Concordia University (June 10, 2023)

Concordia University Invitational

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Coach Bill)…
Email:, Phone: +1(714)655-8135 (text is preferred – ty!).
Here are links to the results… [XLS], [Speakers (PDF)], [Teams (PDF)], & [RESULTS].

Way fewer technical problems because students helped a lot by following instructions. Again, thank you all for your hard work and the extra effort (sorry I couldn’t do much coaching for this one due to the changes in my schedule and unexpected travel plans). Thanks, again for staying up so late and doing the debates (and to those in India and Korea who woke up ‘extra’ early too!)! 🙂

Concordia University Invitational "Public Forum Debate" Awards (Grades 1-8)

Top Teams (Grades 4-6th):
1st Place: 
Emme N & Soham S
2nd Place: Stephane & Jasmine
3rd Place: 
Satvik G & Kella S
4th Place: Angeline C & Marcus W
5th Place: Eric B & Jayden W
Top 10: Havi S & Aarav T
Top 10: Dudu C & Daxton D
Top 10: Naomi C & Miguel K
Top 10: Angelina C & Russell L
Top 10: 
Celina L & Tanya V

Top Speakers (Grades 4-6th):
1st Place: Angeline C
2nd Place: Eric B 
3rd Place: Marcus W
4th Place: Emme N
5th Place: Jasmine K
Top 10: Jayden W
Top 10: Satvik G
Top 10: Soham S
Top 10: Aarav T
Top L
10: Russel

Top Teams (Grades 6-8th):
1st Place: Aryan R & Aaditya V
2nd Place: 
Ellie K & Haley K
3rd Place: 
Grace & Bhumika
4th Place: 
Joshua H & Josiah H
5th Place: 
Bryan M & Ethan Z

Top Speakers (Grades 6-8th):
1st Place: Aryan R
2nd Place: Aaditya V
3rd Place: Josiah H
4th Place: Bhumika R
5th Place: Ellie K
Top 10: Bryan M
Top 10: Grace Y
Top 10: Haley K
Top 10: Austin L
Top 10: Ethan Z

Parent/Student Mailing Information (How to send awards to you!)

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