Deeper Learning in Debate Education

Becoming a self-confident problem solver who thinks critically, speaks powerfully, and makes a positive difference in their community.

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Debate Education is more than just debating. We learn the principles of debate and the skills to make it work for us. We apply those skills in activities such as Debate, Model United Nations, Mock Legislature, Mock Trial, and Business Clubs to name a few!


Gain valuable experience as a course participant, course leader (volunteer), and/or by attending events. Our events are effective for building 21st Century Skills!


We offer top-quality training to provide an outstanding deeper learning experience. Our educational experiences are capable of providing a lifetime of learning.


Certification is available throughout the learning and activities process. We will certify course/activity participation and completion, and recognize high levels of achievement. We also certify judges, teachers, and volunteerism.

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Academic Excellence by Learning 21st Century Skills - Vital to Future Success!

Top Quality Instruction

Our instructors are quite knowledgeable and accomplished in their areas of excellence. More importantly, they are completely dedicated to the success of their students!

Skills and Course Certification

We provide a proper balance between rigor, relevance, and relationship. Students move quickly through the certification process and are able to provide meaningful content to their portfolios of learning. Building a college resume begins now!

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

We blend just the right amount of self-paced learning strategies into our curriculum such that students are better positioned to have a considerable amount of choice - taking charge of their own learning. Instructors and coaches will guide students as mentors!

Building a Foundation for Success

Why Choose Us?

21st Century Debate Academy provides some of the finest debate training in the world. Our teachers, coaches, and staff are committed to the success of our students.

Our online courses and events include but are not limited to… 

Public Forum Debate, Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Mock Legislature (including Congressional-style debate), and Business Clubs (competitive student organizations focusing on business and leadership).

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