Wyatt Debate League (Contest Results)

February 11, 2023

Wyatt Debate League Event

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Coach Bill)…
billeddy@21stcenturydebate.org Phone: +1(714)655-8135 (text is preferred – ty!).
Please scroll down to access the results… Tabroom.com. [Link to the event page: Here]

Thank you, again to everyone who worked hard and traveled so early in the morning. I am particularly grateful to the parents who volunteered their time and energy. We need to work hard to make sure that we are debating in the most respectful manner and not imitating the boorish and aggressive behaviors of our opponents. I want us to rise above that and set a positive example for others to follow. 
[Next WWDL event = April 22nd??] <– Still waiting for them to confirm the date.

Public Forum Debate (Grades MS & HS)

Top Team Awards:

[1st, JVPF]: Aaron G. & Aarav T., 5-0 (Unknown)
[5th, NPF] Alyssa M. & Athena S., 3-2 (229.25)
[7th, NPF] Shiven D. & Anvi V., 3-2 (207.27)
[8th, NPF] Andrei C., Aryan R. / Bhumika R., 3-2 (201.0)

Top Speaker Awards: 

[1st, JVPF]: Aaron G.
[2nd, JVPF]: Aarav T.
[7th, NPF]: Alyssa M.
[8th, NPF]: Athena S

Parent/Student Mailing Information (How to send awards to you!)

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