Homework: Online Debate Classes

2023-2024 Season

Homework & Research

Online Class Homework Page

In each session, we debate new topics using a variety of debate styles. Currently, our focus has been on the skills debate style. This page contains the homework and training videos for the online debate classes. 

Information for Online Debate Classes & Events

Linkhttps://zoom.us/j/7146558135 (pw: magnet)

Topic-Specific Debate Research (ALL)

The following buttons are linked to research pages, research collections/evidence, and “shared” resources such as sample outlines and whiteboard photos from the various classes being taught. For “Club” debaters, the research will typically be shared during class or listed within the homework section. For “Skills” debate, we often research a different topic than the ones used for local (& online) competitions. These topics do not require deep research and understanding, so that you can focus on learning the foundational debate skills without having a topic that takes up a great deal of your time. The “Competitive” debaters are often familiar with how to research the NSDA topics and these resources are designed to help them be more ‘time’ efficient.

Online Debate Class Homework

We currently have four debate programs, each of them is listed below. For each program there are different classes on different days and some classes last for around 60 minutes, while others can last more than 90 minutes per meeting. ANYONE can join ANY class (so long as there is room and there is no disruption), which means you are invited to attend as many classes as you want. Students can also earn “volunteer” hours for helping out. Thanks!

Public Forum Debate (Int/Int+):

Class Meetings: None.
HW Due (Fall 2024): August 1st = Topic Announcement
Debate training for this school year has ended. Please take this time to rest and reflect on your accomplishments. We will resume sessions in the fall. I expect the announcement for the Sept-Oct topic to be on or around August 1st. We should be able to resume our debate classes at that time.

Crossfire Club Meetings:

FRI (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM).
Description: We have student volunteers leading debate club meetings on Friday nights. We debate random and fun topics. We will create and distribute fact sheets to help you come up with questions/answers.  Everyone keeps their skills sharp and debates in a friendly and respectful manner. You can arrive late or leave early. Please be kind! 🙂
Cost: $0.00 per month.
End Date: Unknown.

Debate-Specific Resources (Videos & PDFs)

The following sets of videos and PDFs (and possibly links to other websites) are designed to help debaters better understand the various responsibilities in debate. Such things as writing debate cases, speaking more confidently, and/or meeting the burdens by understanding the need for proof, refutation, and rejoinders. There are many skills that are used in debate, so it is our hope that these videos can assist you in having a deeper understanding. Thanks!

Contact Information (for Coach Bill)

Bill Eddy (aka “Coach Bill”),
714.655.8135 (I prefer text)*

*When contacting me, please include your name and class information (day/time). Thanks! 

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