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Online Courses (Zoom)

Class Information

Sessions: Fall-A (Sept-Oct), Fall-B (Nov-Dec), Winter (Jan-Feb), & Spring-A (Mar-Apr).
Classes: Meets once per week for 60+ or 90 minutes per meeting.
Cost* (Monthly): $29.95 (Beg)$39.95 (Int & Int+), or $49.95 (Adv).
*Payment: Parents will be sent an invoice to pay both months of the current session.

Description of Online Classes

Online debate classes meet once per week for 70 minutes, on the specified day/time. Students must complete all homework assignments prior to attending class. Coming to class prepared shows respect for self and for others. Students joining after the official start date should do the following: Watch the required videos, read the required articles, and take some notes – come to class prepared enough to discuss the debate topic.

Online debate classes are available Mon-Fri, with 70-minute classes starting around 4:00 PM (Eastern) for the younger students and starting after 5:00 PM (Eastern) for the older students (and the more experienced). Our policy allows students to participate in multiple classes, yet space is limited. Students must choose one specific day/time, which is guaranteed, and may attend any of the other classes as well (depending on available space and/or possible restrictions). Classes typically start out with 4-6 students and can have as many as 8-10 per class depending on the number of visitors. The teacher will decide the total number of students for any given day – mainly depending on the number of volunteer teaching assistants who are available on that day.

Statement of Academic Honesty & Integrity

Our organization is founded on the highest principles of honesty, integrity, and respect/kindness to everyone. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and it is the duty of every member/volunteer to hold each other accountable by reporting such behavior to the teacher/staff. Parents are invited to observe and even help with maintaining discipline. We want the learning to be meaningful and to be fun for everyone. Please treat others in the same manner that you would prefer to be treated.

Thank you,
Bill Eddy aka “Coach Bill”

714/655-8135 (Irvine, CA = Pacific Time)

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