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Registration for Zoom Classes


Thank you, for registering for the online “Zoom” debate class. It is our pleasure to serve you

We will contact you via the email you provided and/or via the internal website communications to let you know about the next step(s) and about payment for the course. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Coach Bill) via email: or by phone: +1(714)655-8135 (text is strongly preferred – ty!).

More below…

Membership & Parent Permission is Required for Our Events

The cost to become a member of our academy is 100% free. Events will often have a cost to attend, yet several of our classes, research packets, and even some of our events are offered to our members for free. When there is a cost, we do our best to keep it as affordable as possible. We need the parent to sign a permission form for any class or event offered by 21st Century Debate. It only needs to be signed and returned to us once per school year. We also expect students to be on their best behavior and not cause disruptions or speak in an unkind manner to anyone (competitors, judges, volunteers, and visitors). We want our courses and events to be fun for everyone. Thank you!


The Parent Permission (aka Terms of Service), Media Release, and Student Code of Conduct are being built into the registration page.
So… there is no need to download those forms and submit a signed copy. Every school year, parents only have to sign the agreement just once.

Parent Permission Form (PDF):

When working with young people, we want to ensure that students are provided with a safe and rewarding educational experience. We work with highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to the success of our students.

We need parent permission:
1. To permit us to teach these online classes.
2. To hold the organization and its people blameless should something go wrong…
(ex. harassment, bullying, and etc.).
3. To authorize the use of the student’s image, which may be used for training and/or marketing.

Student 'Honor' Code (PDF):

We want to ensure students are kept safe and are provided with a rewarding educational experience. We need students to promise not to engage in unsafe or inappropriate behavior during our classes and/or events.

We need student commitment:
1. To be kind and honest in their interactions.
2. To show total respect for others.
ex. no bullying/taunting and no rudeness at events.
3. To come to class prepared.
4. To try their best in every debate/activity.
5. To follow the directions from the teacher/coach.

Donating to Our Cause...

Our organization is not-for-profit and our goal is to provide a deeper learning experience for every child in America. Your donation helps us to serve those who otherwise cannot afford quality after-school programs such as those we offer here at 21st Century Debate Institution.

We plan to offer self-paced and Zoom classes to students as affordably as possible. We are offering tuition waivers to families in need. To help pay for this financial assistance we accept donations.

Your generosity will help improve lives!

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