Concordia Invtiational (Contest Results)

Concordia University (May 20, 2023)

Concordia University Invitational

If you have any questions, please contact me (Coach Bill)…
+1(714)655-8135 (text is preferred – ty!).
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The technical problems came from students not following instructions. It wasn’t my tournament, so I had no idea how many of my students had not verified their email. This breakdown in communication led to some significant delays. We will be better prepared for the next one in June (June 10th). Thank you for all the hard work and effort. Please sign up (again) for the June 10th event. It will run smoother and offer the same events. Thanks, again for staying up late and doing the debates! 🙂

Concordia University Invitational "Public Forum " Awards (Grades 1-8)

Top Teams (Grades 4-6th):
1st Place: 
Emme N & Soham S
2nd Place: Stephane C & Jasmine K
3rd Place: 
Satvik G & Kella S
4th Place: Angeline C & Marcus W
5th Place: Eric B & Jayden W
Top 10: Havi S & Aarav T
Top 10: Dudu C & Daxton D
Top 10: Naomi C & Miguel K
Top 10: Angelina C & Russell L
Top 10: Celina L & Tanya V

Top Speakers (Grades 4-6th):
1st Place: Angeline C
2nd Place: Eric B 
3rd Place: Marcus W
4th Place: Emme N
5th Place: Jasmine K
Top 10: Jayden W
Top 10: Satvik G
Top 10: Soham S
Top 10: Aarav T
Top 10: Russell L

Top Teams (Grades 6-8th):
1st Place: Aryan R & Aaditya V
2nd Place: 
Ellie K & Haley K
3rd Place: 
Grace K & Bhumika R
4th Place: 
Joshua H & Josiah H
5th Place: 
Bryan M & Ethan Z

Top Speakers (Grades 6-8th):
1st Place: Aryan R
2nd Place: Aaditya V
3rd Place: Josiah H
4th Place: Bhumika R
5th Place: Ellie K
Top 10: Bryan M
Top 10: Grace Y
Top 10: Haley K
Top 10: Austin L
Top 10: Ethan Z

Parent/Student Mailing Information (How to send awards to you!)

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